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evServer maintains the database of Events and Functions shared by multiple evPlanIt and evDaily computers on a Local Area Network.

evServer runs as a Windows Service on Win2000, WinXP, and Exchange Server and is started automatically each time Windows starts.
evServer Configuration
An unlimited number of evPlanIt and/or evDaily computers can share Event information on an evServer.  Normally, the computers connect to evServer via a Local Area Network (LAN).  Connecting to evServer via the internet is recommended only if you have a high speed connection.

Server Screen
The Server Screen displays the status of evServer.

User Screen
The User Screen displays who is authorized to connect to evServer.  To add a user, type a User ID on the bottom line.  Optionally, type the Last Name, Suffix, First, and Middle Names.  Click at the top of the screen and type an initial password.