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The ev series of easy-to-use products assist you in planning and managing events.  All products operate in Win2000, WinXP, and Exchange Server.  Click a product name, below,  to display additional information about the product.

To install a 30-day, no-cost trial (including a printable User's Guide in PDF format), click Download, below .  When the File Download form displays, click Open to install the product on your computer.  Within 30 days after downloading, click Register on the product's menu to lease the product for one year.  You will need your credit card information to register the product.

30-day Trial
Helps you plan Events with multiple Functions.  An Event can have Functions on several days or the Event can repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.  Optimized for up to a dozen planners on a Local Area Network.

$300 per computer
A simplified version of evPlanIt.  Built for those who view and revise Event schedules, but do not need the comprehensive planning and scheduling abilities of evPlanIt.

Manages the data shared by multiple evPlanIt and/or evDaily users on a Local Area Network.

$900 shared
Sends a personalized email message to dozens or hundreds of email addresses.  Use Outlook, MsWord, or FrontPage to prepare the message.  Retrieve email addresses from Excel, ACT!, and the Outlook Address Book.

$300 per computer
Pricing (Does NOT apply to evDaily)
The price entitles you to use the product for one year after the initial registration.  To continue using the product, at the end of each year you must renew the registration for a maintenance fee of 25% of the then current price of the product.  Maintenance entitles you to free telephone support and any product upgrades while your registration is current.

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